It has finally happened after playing Legend of Zelda titles since the last 80s I’ve finally met a challenge that I can’t win. I recently picked up Spirit Tracks which is the latest Zelda title for the NDS and I’m hopelessly stuck and to make things worse I haven’t even reached the first dungeon yet.

Every Zelda game has its own gameplay twist, Windwaker had controlling the winds and the last Zelda game had you using the touch screen to draw spells. Spirit tracks give you a pan flute and require you to play notes in relation to someone else’s performance. However for the life of me I cannot do this and I’m now effectively unable to get past the 30 minute mark of the game.

The problems come from a combination of annoying controls and a situation that Nintendo did not consider. To play the flute you need to blow into the microphone while sliding the stylus along the touch screen to play the notes you want. Problem is that the microphone on the old DS is in a spot that I can’t effectively hold the stylus in my left hand and blow into the microphone at the same time. This requires me playing a game of finding the correct position to hold the DS so that I can do this event. Second I believe that you have to breathe into the microphone continuously over all three notes which may work for a normal person, but when you are allergic to nature and can’t breathe through your nose it does put a hamper on things.

So there you have it, an epic adventure to save the kingdom thwarted by allergies and bad button placement.


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“Ganon has finally won.”

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