Metrico+ Review — Rising Value

I can honestly say that I have not played a platformer like Metrico+. Developed by studio Digital Dreams, the game is equal parts unique design and aesthetics. Its unusual style may put some people off, but this could be literally the most fun you’ll have with bars and graphs.


Doing Business:

You are a silhouette running through a world of graphs, pie charts and more. Your only objective is to reach the end of each area, when even more weirdness will occur.

The game is a mix of puzzle solving and platforming built around figuring out the way to move forward. Objects will react differently to certain actions: Are you moving, are you jumping, are there enemies left, and more. The puzzles are confined to single screens; allowing you to process everything in front of you.

You’ll start with just moving your character around, but things grow as you get further in. Each level in the game introduces a new mechanic or twist on a previous one.  The mechanic twists help to keep the puzzle-solving constantly evolving.

For instance, in one level you’ll make use of moving platforms based on your motion on the ground or air. Even the act of dying and restarting a puzzle will become a part of puzzle solving.


The setting is completely original

The player must figure out the rules of each situation and use them to their advantage. How things respond in one area will change; forcing you to adapt.

For players who want more challenge, each level has optional mysterious challenges that you’ll need to figure out what you need to do to complete them.

The aesthetics of Metrico+ are amazing and grow from looking like a business PowerPoint presentation to a surrealistic landscape and more. The only problem that I have with Metrico+ is that it may be too minimalistic at times.

Limited Landscape:

Metrico+ is a game that leaves everything to the player to solve. This can be both good and bad in terms of motivation. Without guidance, it’s up to the player to push through to solve the myriad of puzzles. Due to the rules constantly shifting (even within levels), it can be a little frustrating to start at zero with each section.

An important point about Metrico+ is that it’s a puzzle-platformer. Because the game requires equal parts skill and puzzle solving, this can make some puzzles extra difficult. You may get stuck because you haven’t solved the puzzle, or that you know the solution, but aren’t doing it right. Metrico+ never approaches the skill level of games like Mario or Super Meat Boy, but it does require you to be reasonable at platforming.


Puzzle solving is built on basic mechanics and rules that are constantly in flux

The theme of Metrico+ is definitely mysterious, and if you aren’t willing or able to dive into it, the game will be over for you quite quickly.

I would love to talk more about the puzzles directly, but any attempt at talking about them would take us into spoiler territory.

Growth over Time:

Metrico+ is very much a platformer all its own. The puzzle designs constantly change to keep you guessing and help to make things varied. If you enjoy puzzle-based games, definitely give this one a look, but I can’t tell you if it will make you fall in love with bar graphs.

For more on the game, you can watch my video spotlight of it:

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