Retelling Terror.

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

For those that visited Quarter To Three for my series on horror posts, you may have noticed that they were shorter then my usual posts here. The reason was that they were edited down to focus specifically on each game. However, there was a larger theme that was discussing atmosphere and game design and how they come together to create horror.

This is why I feel that the postings only told half the story, and that the original message and theme got lost. So, I want to see how many people would be interested in seeing the unedited versions of the series.

The unedited version would include:

More witty comments
A deeper look at each game.
A missing entry discussing horror tone.

If you’re interested please leave a comment, and if I get a large enough turn-out. I’ll post the unedited versions here for your viewing pleasure.

Josh Bycer.