Solve your murder or die trying… which really goes without saying.

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

Similar to my RPG idea, I have another game idea swimming around my thoughts. Unfortunately I don’t know how interesting it would be to people other then myself. So I’m going to put it out there for the half dozen or so people who read this blog.

This game is an adventure action game, the story is you play someone who can see into the future when they dream ( a powerful form of lucid dreaming). Most of the time you see yourself getting an A on that test, or getting a date with the hot girl, except for one night when something disturbing happens. You dream that your in some kind of undisclosed building you’ve never been in before,the watch on your hand says that it is one month from where time is now. You make your way to the entrance which has been boarded up, grabbing a crowbar you start ripping the boards off , when suddenly you feel a sharp pain through your chest, looking down you see a blade sticking out of you. You turn around to see someone with a strange mask on chanting as they remove the blade and perform the coup d’etat.

The objective is you need to figure who is going to kill you, where the murder is going to take place, and figure out how to keep yourself alive when the time comes. I’m thinking that once a week you will have the dream again which depending upon actions taken during the week could change the situation. Each time you dream you have full control of yourself as you try to gather any and all clues that could save your life. During the rest of the week you will go to classes meet with friends and family ( I still don’t know how involved this would be) as more clues come together you may try to sneak around and investigate your friend’s homes to see if they’re doing something suspicious.

Right now I don’t know if the entire game will just be that one month, or if there will be a story as survival means that someone else will try to kill you revealing a major conspiracy. The idea of effecting the event comes from dealing with your friends and loved ones. Suddenly all those innocuous questions could mean something. For instance if your friends asks you how your leg is doing and you say it’s bothering you, you might find your leg broken upon reliving the event. There will be a lot of replay value as the killer will be different each time, and there are many ways to come to the truth.

So what do you guys thing, best seller or bargain bin? I forget how I came up with the idea, perhaps I dreamt it and I’m really psychic, or I have way too much time on my hands. Both are very good possibilities 🙂