The greatest movie based game that never was.

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

Today I once again watched one of my favorite horror movies of all time, John Carpenter’s remake of The Thing; every time I watch this a little piece of me dies inside over the fact that we’ve yet to see a game based on it. Of course there was the third person shooter a few years back, but other then setting enemies on fire it missed the point of the movie, paranoia. Now through the magic of imagination and nothing to do on Saturday, I bring you my version of a video game based on The Thing.

My game would still take place in Antarctica however this would either be a remake of the movie, or a retelling of the story. The game would begin before any sightings of the thing giving the player a chance to interact and watch their fellow crew mates. Depending on where the player is in the base at that time, they may or may not witness the thing’s arrival. Once the thing has arrived it will be up to the player to convince everyone else that he is not infected and attempt to lead them.
Each person and animal would also mutate into a different Thing once discovered, but the same method will work to kill them, burning them alive.

Heading outside, the player will need to watch their body temperature as it is below freezing out there, and of course the only way to move around easily is using the guide lines. I can envision the player and any surviving members going to other camps some destroyed others perfectly fine, and have to figure out if the thing is at work.

Granted this idea is no where near completion, it gives me some solstice that perhaps someone out there is working on a game like this.