Narita Boy is a throwback to classic 80’s synth music and style.  From Studio Koba, the team wanted to create a visual, gameplay and auditory treat. With the kickstarter just wrapping up, I had a chance to briefly ask them a few questions about the game.

Narita Boy Den of Geek 560x200 A Retro Modern Future    Narita Boy Interview

The questions were answered by game director Edward Fornieles

1. What was the inspiration behind creating a “modern retro” title?

The inspiration comes from my own nostalgia and my own inputs from what I saw in the 80s, and what I saw is what I became. Under this premise, I have shaped this past with the influences of the present. Making a reboot, mixing my imagination of the games I wanted to play in my childhood, and the game I would like to play in the present.

2. The art of the game looks amazing. With designing a title in this style, did you go through different aesthetics before deciding on this, or was this how you wanted the game to look from the beginning?

In this case, since the beginning the aesthetic was pretty clear in my mind. The final render was pumping in my brain. As a dream you can’t forget, and that makes things easier in order to establish a coherent and solid Universe. There was a lot unconscious references, there was the idea of create an 80s post fever dream; a weird nostalgic trip throw dimensions.

3.Watching the trailer, there are strong action and adventure elements to Narita Boy. From an action standpoint, how involved is the combat system?

The combat system is planned to be frantic, to be an important part of the whole. You can find items, vehicles or robot suits in order to increase your power and be able to defeat the hordes of enemies. Enemies will increase in number and difficulty as time goes on; it’s gonna be a big challenge to defeat them. Meanwhile the idea is to release adrenaline between exploration moments, make intense combats and enjoy the power of the Techno Sword.

Unfortunately, they were too busy to answer any more questions, but you can watch the trailer for the game below. And if they are reading this, congrats on the Kickstarter success.

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“A Retro-Modern Future — Narita Boy Interview”

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