An Indifferent Look at the VGX Award Show.

With Ken not feeling well this week, it was up to me and first time guest Tom Chick from Quarter To Three to talk about the VGX award show from Spike this last weekend. Unfortunately, neither of us actually watched it.


Instead we made do with talking about the challenge of picking games of the year. We then went down the line and discussed each of the winners before moving on to talk about Starbound and early access games in general.

We then talked about State of Decay and Marvel Puzzle Quest with Tom trying to sell me on State of Decay while I turned Tom off of Marvel Puzzle Quest. Tom then had me uninstall the game, which I then quickly reinstalled as I was enjoying it still. My voice was a little lower than usual as of course after recording this cast, I started to feel lousy.

Here is my analysis of Marvel Puzzle Quest

And here is my piece on early access games