Unfortunately Ernest Adams’ schedule proved to be too busy to come back on so soon from our discussion last week.  And even though I spent the week reading Lovecraft and catching up on both Doctor Who and the Simpsons, I still wanted to put together a quick podcast.

book 01 The Backup Perceptive Podcast

This week Jason McMaster was my emergency co-host as we talked less about news and more about some interesting topics. We started off talking more about the positives and negatives of game sales and how its effecting Puppy Games. We moved onto games we’ve played this week which for me was just getting back into DC Universe Online.

Jason talked about both Risen 3 and playing Diablo 3 on the consoles which started a conversation on the ARPG which I brought in XCOM Enemy Unknown as a tangent.

Lastly we talked about recent game promotions that we found interesting: I talked about Payday’s Crimefest while Jason talked about the recent DOTA 2 tournament tie in.

This week I cut back on the amount of editing that I did as I noticed that my voice was somewhat distorted last week. If this week sounds any different compared to previous, let me know what you think.

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