Growing Force: Building Forced Showdown

This week on the cast, I spoke with Peter Buje from Beta Dwarf about growing the Forced brand and developing and cultivating the community of Forced Showdown.


We started with talking about Peter’s background and how he got involved with Beta Dwarf. He talked about coming on with the original Forced and how it completely transformed over development. Following Forced, the transition to Forced Showdown was a challenge for the team.

They had to convince the community that they’re making a different game in terms of design with Forced Showdown. In terms of design, Peter talked about the difficulty of creating both ranged and melee-styled combat and balancing them for the game.

Another big point was the community aspects of Forced Showdown. Peter talked about adding in elements like Twitch functionality and building the community behind Forced Showdown. We also talked about the balance of F2P and monetization elements in your game. There is a balance that has to be maintained between the paying and free players, or you risk angering your fanbase.

For our final topic, we talked about the future of Forced Showdown, as well as whatever is next for Beta Dwarf afterwards.

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