Building Buluk with Ninja5

This week on the cast, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Traevon Taylor who started his own Indie studio Ninja5 to make the game Buluk.


We started off with talking about how Traevon began Ninja5 and assembled his team from friends and co-workers. We talked a lot about the Indie experience for new developers these days, especially for people straight out of college. Traevon talked about the inspiration for Buluk and how he has a development plan for it.

Speaking to Traveon, he may be the youngest developer guest we’ve had on the Perceptive Podcast, but it definitely sounds like he’s on the ball for developing and managing the game. Some of the discussion points we had on the cast should be must listens for people interested in game development, and even for older developers who are thinking about joining the Indie space. An all around fantastic cast and we’re hoping to have him back on closer to the Kickstarter announcement and plans.

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