The Changing Landscape of Video Game Expectations

This week on the cast, James and I sat down with returning guest and fan of the site Tim Wetzel from a Paladin Without a Crusade about a lot of game topics.


We started off with catching up to Tim about his site and games we’ve played. Our two main topics this week were about what consumers are entitled to when it comes to buying games, and convincing people to buy your game.

With games like No Man’s Sky promising and not delivering, we talked about what avenues the consumer has. We discussed the changing of Steam Reviews and what it means for indie developers and getting their name out there.

That took us to the other major topic and the difficulty of getting people to look at your game. Both Tim and I review games and try to keep up to date, but we’re having trouble following all the new games coming out. Developers have to be able to answer the question: What’s the Point of their game? if they want people to try it out.

It’s not an easy question, and there were many parts of this topic to talk about. James had to leave about half way through, but we certainly kept going.

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