Focused Game Development With Concealed Intent

This week on the cast, Concealed Intent’s designer and owner of Jarrah Technology: Charles joined me to talk about developing the game and the challenges of building a title by yourself.

Concealed Intent

We started with introductions as Charles talked about moving to Malaysia and started to work on Concealed Intent. The Simultaneous Turn-Based Strategy genre is a very tricky game to design, and Charles talked about the inspiration and issues he ran into.

We talked about the state of Indie development in Malaysia and his thoughts on the state of the Indie market and early access. An interesting topic we got on was the challenge of focusing your game’s design: Knowing what to keep, what to change, and what is essentially your game. He talked about the discussion and debating whether or not to have online multiplayer in Concealed Intent, and some of the problems he ran into with the initial idea.

For one of our final topics, we talked about the difficulties of marketing a video game and where Charles felt he could have done better with Concealed Intent. We also discussed the issues of bundling your game and what it means to the designer in terms of earning a profit.

We did have some technical problems with Skype. Having a conversation from New Jersey to Malaysia did cause the connection to cut in and out a few times.

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