A Constructive Conversation on Cities Skylines

This week on the Perceptive Podcast, I sat down with game designer Karoliina Korppoo from Colossal Order to discuss Cities Skylines and the city builder genre.

Cities Skylines

We started off talking about how Karoliina and Colossal Order became interested with the city builder genre and some of our favorites such as the Impressions city builders. We talked about Karoliina’s design process and approach for developing the Cities series and her thoughts more about the ins and outs of city building game design.

For our final topic, we talked more indepth about the design decisions behind Cities Skylines including what Karoliina would like to add next to the game and developing a game that also has full modding support. We also talked about the origin of chirpy, everyone’s favorite bird/messaging system. Please note, we did this recording a few weeks ago and when she talked about adding tunnels into the game, that has recently been added in a content patch.