This week on the cast, I sat down with CEO of Linden Lab Ebbe Altberg and head of Marketing Peter Gray, to talk about the studio’s commitment to making social experiences with Second Life and their recently released Blocksworld.

BlocksworldYoutube 560x200 Creating Social Experiences with Linden Lab

We started off with introductions and talking about how Linden Lab got started with Second Life, and being one of the few online-based games to still be around following the MMO crash of the late 00’s. We talked about the ability for content creators to earn money for their works as well as Linden Lab’s thoughts on the Steam workshop monetization that happened last year.

Second Life is different from other online games and we talked about how that uniqueness has led to the game lasting for so long and continuing to draw people from all over to it. I also asked about some of the background work and decisions behind how money is exchanged in the game and where Second Life gets its earnings from. A major point we talked about was how Linden Lab handles the legal side of real money redemption and what that means for a worldwide game; something that I hope we can have a full cast discussing about further.

For our final topic, we talked about Blocksworld and how Linden Lab wanted to create something creative for younger fans and stand as a different experience from Second Life. Ebbe also talked briefly about a third project from Linden Lab, but it was still being kept under wraps at the time of the cast.

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“Creating Social Experiences with Linden Lab”

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