From Swords to the Stars: Double Damage Games

This week on the cast, I spoke with Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer from Double Damage Games to talk about Rebel Galaxy and their experience and lessons learned from the ARPG genre.

Double Damage Games

As always, we started with their history and how Erich and Travis met and a stroll down ARPG lane. I knew part of their background from the days of Torchlight and Mythos, but I didn’t know that Erich was a part of Blizzard North back in the day and worked on Hellgate: Sadly, one of the biggest ARPG busts in the industry.

After that, we talked about Rebel Galaxy itself, how they developed it, lessons learned about the open space genre and how they decided to make something different compared to other ARPGs and open space games. That in of itself led into a talk about game development and the importance of sequels. For our final topic, we talked more about ARPG design itself: When it works best, when it doesn’t, good loot design, the importance of a tactile feel and more. It was a great cast and I hope I can have them back again as there was a lot more we could discuss regarding ARPG design.

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