Reacting to E3 2016

This week on the cast it was a full house, as James and I welcomed back Ezekiel and a new guest Will for a night of talking E3 2016. Even though none of us were able to attend, we each caught the big news and reveals from the show floor.


After brief introductions, we started going down the line of press conferences and our thoughts and takeaways from each. Despite not being huge EA fans, we were all interested in seeing what Battlefield One will bring to the table compared to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Everyone agreed that Sony definitely killed it this year with announcement after announcement of new games. While the group is looking forward to For Honor and the new God of War, I’m really excited about Horizon Zero Dawn and the reveal of Resident Evil 7. We also talked about competitive play and what it means to have story modes in sports games like in the upcoming FIFA. We also talked about Call of Duty vs. Battlefield and our thoughts on Call of Duty remaining relevant in today’s market.

As a surprise turn, we all agreed that Nintendo was lacking this year along with Microsoft in terms of big reveals and things to get excited over. Despite the announcement of a new Zelda game, it didn’t get much of a reaction from us. To wrap up the cast, we talked about the games we were most excited about, and there were tons of tangents tonight.

What’s great is that we set the stage for possibly two more casts with Will and Ezekiel down the line. This cast did have some connection issues with Skype and the fact that it was a four person call didn’t help things; I tried to edit down, but couldn’t get it all.

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  • For once, no outside places to link to, as we tried to focus on E3