In this episode of the Perceptive Podcast, we once again turned out discussion to educational video games and topics on education with the return of our panel.

LunasWanderingStars 3 560x200 The Educational Games Podcast Part 2

For this episode, unfortunately Charles Amis couldn’t make it as he was celebrating being a dad, but we were joined by Z from Serenity Forge. I started off with asking Z if had any comments on any of the topics we talked about in part one. At about 27 minutes in, we came to our big topic for the cast: Talking about tutorial design and what are the best ways to teach someone how to play a game. We talked about the different ways people learn and why some genres and series are just inherently harder to teach someone, such as the strategy and 4X genres.

I also asked everyone if they had any genres that they could not figure out how to play and we had some interesting answers from everybody, including yours truly. One thing to note on the day of recording, Z was in the middle of a thunderstorm and it affected the quality of his audio and explains the sound of rain while Z was talking.

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“The Educational Games Podcast Part 2”

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