A Frank Discussion on Failbetter Games

This week I was joined by returning guest Chris Gardiner and developer Liam Welton to discuss their work at Failbetter Games.

 Failbetter Games

We started off with introductions and catching up with Chris about Below before going into Sunless Sea which Liam is the lead developer on. We talked about how Liam got started at Failbetter Games and how the Fallen London universe was created.

A major part of Sunless Sea was the use of kickstarter and early access which they both discussed how they played into Failbetter’s development of the game. In terms of design, we talked about the challenges of creating a more action based title compared to Fallen London’s browser based gameplay. Including discussing the changes to combat which was the most polarizing update to the game.

Expect a lot of tangents on this cast such as talking about Hearthstone and the Marvel universe. I don’t think we brought up Dark Souls this time but I may be mistaken.

Now for some bad news, the recorder that I used stopped working and I had to switch to a backup one which I don’t think the quality is as great. If anyone knows of any good skype recorders or knows about troubleshooting the Callgraph recorder, please let me know.