This week on the Perceptive Podcast, I sat down with one half of FlippFly: Forest San Filippo, to discuss his studio and upcoming projects.

RacetheSun1 560x200 A Fantastic Conversation with FlippFly

We started talking about how he and his brother formed Flippfly and how they came up with Race the Sun. With Race the Sun and trying to design a game for multiple skill levels, we talked about the challenge of making games that everyone can enjoy and some of the iterations that went into it, along with the design implementations.

We also talked about the Rift and virtual reality and what are Forest’s thoughts on the topic. That led into talking about crowd-funding and kickstarter as Flippfly did use it for Race the Sun.

From there we talked about the challenges of selling Race the Sun, both on a digital store and as a runner with a price tag. The challenges of getting on Steam, led to Forest and a bunch of developers participate in the Not on Steam Bundle and I asked him about how that promotion started. That also brought up more talking about Steam and talking about (at the time) Steam setting pricing for mods.

To wrap up the cast, we talked about the future of Flippfly which included more work on Race the Sun and their next game Hexarden. This turned into a talk of how games built around short play times, can add up thanks to replayability and a great design.

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“A Fantastic Conversation with FlippFly”

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