This week on the cast, I had the pleasure to talk with Mitch Gitelman from Harebrained Schemes to talk about the awesome track record they’ve had on Kickstarter and their latest about the revival of Battletech.

BattletechKickstarter 560x200 Harebrained Schemes and Creating Successful Kickstarters

We started off talking about how Harebrained was formed and some of the big challenges of game development today. From there, we spent a lot of time talking about Kickstarter and crowdfunding and how Harebrained Schemes has approached the platform. This led into a talk about their strategy of setting up “co-funded” projects and how it appeals to their fans and consumers. We talked a lot about kickstarter development and managing it and was a great talk for anyone interested in doing a kickstarter.

Finally, we talked about the latest kickstarter for Battletech and what Harebrained Schemes has in mind for the game now that it’s going to be funded. And he talked briefly about the next project from Harebrained Schemes which will hopefully be out next year.

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“Harebrained Schemes and Creating Successful Kickstarters”

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