This week on the cast, I sat down with Nuria German and Damien Yvray of Omnidrone to talk about the work and recent release of their F2P Mobile MOBA Titan Brawl.

Game Wisdom Podcast Promo 560x200 Making a Mobile MOBA With Titan Brawl

We started with introductions around the table and discussing how Omnidrone got started. I asked Nuria and Damien about what the game industry is like in Barcelona, Spain. From there, we talked about what Titan Brawl is, and how the company wanted to bring a streamlined take on MOBA design to the mobile market.

Damien is the lead designer on the project, and he talked about how the game was created and the challenges of balancing it. We also spoke about MOBA balance and design in general, and the areas to watch out for when building your own. We spoke briefly about the challenges of creating a F2P game without making it P2W as well. There were of course a number of tangents and interesting topics.

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“Making a Mobile MOBA With Titan Brawl”

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