Let it be said that I do know how to multi-task. This week’s podcast, Ken and I managed to combine a developer interview, kickstarter spotlight and a game design discussion all into one. We were joined by three members of the studio Nova Heart Beat who are finishing up their first kickstarter for the game Spirit Siege.

A SpiritSiegePoster 450x200 Perceptive Podcast: Nova Heart Beat and Spirit Siege

Joining us from Nova Heart Beat were Arisa Scott, Charlie Engelhard and Josh Russell. We started off talking about how the studio was formed and how they came up with the concept for Spirit Siege. We spent the first part of the podcast talking more about the game itself compared to our other developer interviews including a brief talk about the differences in marketing a game to the mobile audience and the PC audience.

Then we moved onto the kickstarter itself which at the time of this post is still going on. We discussed why they went to kickstarter, the challenges of setting it up and talked about the platform and early access as options for game designers.

Lastly we moved onto a general discussion on Monetization and F2P titles as Spirit Siege is a F2P game and they’ve been thinking about this a lot. We talked more about Hearthstone, what drives us away from F2P games, examples of when it works and doesn’t and more.

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“Perceptive Podcast: Nova Heart Beat and Spirit Siege”

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