The Waves and Rally Cry of The Oculus Rift

This week returning podcast guest Lorson Poirier and I attempted to cheer up Ken regarding the recent Oculus Rift buyout by Facebook. With many tangents along the way of course.


Because the news of the Rift was so big, we decided to skip our regular news discussion and went straight into games. I talked about my trial by fire trying to learn Counter Strike, Ken talked about the latest expansion for Shadowrun Returns and Lorson talked about the Elite Beat Agents inspired free game Osu.

We had some tangents this week talking about Nintendo and the Japanese game market as well as Mega Man and other classic game series that have become famous for difficult gameplay and collectibility.

At 43:10 we got to the main discussion on the Rift. As someone who has followed it since the beginning, Ken led the talk sharing his thoughts on the buyout, what it means for VR and more. We also inadvertently stumbled upon perhaps the next marketing slogan for Origin in the process.

I was trying a new headset this week that I’m liking but not loving, so I’m still debating whether or not I’ll keep it but the sound quality should be better than last week.

  • Here are my thoughts on the Oculus Rift buyout
  • And Lorson’s game that she’s been playing: Osu