Perceptive Livecast with Zach Barth

This week, I have something a bit different. If you missed the announcement last week, we actually did a livecast on Google Hangout instead of our normal ones with returning guest Zach Barth from Zachtronics Industries.

IroncladTactics1 (1)

Even with all the preparations we did, things didn’t go too smoothly. Zach had problems with his webcam and being the only face on screen made it hard to have a conversation.

Once we started playing, things got a little better as we talked about card design behind each of the various factions before playing a few rounds of vs. I then realized that building a deck live wasn’t the best thing to do against the guy who designed the game.

We then played some co-op with the latest DLC campaign before wrapping it up with Q/A. As far as first attempts go, the livecast was a success and hopefully we can do more of these if our crowdfunding campaign improves.