This week Ken and I were planning on having a quick cast but instead it turned into a critical examination looking at the debate of digital content, game development and more.

book 01 Perceptive Podcast    A Deep Discussion on Digital Content

The talk kicked off with the recent problems that Rockstar has had with music licensing which led into a greater talk about digital content and preserving games. We also talked about the problems facing the mobile market and why it seems like a lot of developers aren’t thinking about building a sustainable market. From there we continued talking about the Binding of Isaac Rebirth and talked about the importance of creating quality titles.

I talked a bit about my time with Invisible Inc and Five Nights at Freddy’s which also brought up a quick tangent regarding Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell which then led into another tangent about Nintendo. Our final topic was on the recent debate regarding whether or not developers should profit from continued development with DLC that is going on Gamasutra at the moment.

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“Perceptive Podcast — A Deep Discussion on Digital Content”

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