This week on the cast, I spoke with one of the co-founders of Phoenix Online Studios Katie Hallahan about the adventure genre and the challenge of making a fan-made game.

Phoenix Point PP The Fight for Fan Made Games With Phoenix Online Studios

We started off with how Phoenix Online got started and Katie’s interest in the adventure genre. We spoke about the adventure genre as a whole, and the discussion of narrative vs. puzzle solving.

After that, we got to talking about developing the Silver Lining. Katie talked about what happened when Vivendi got involved and what they did to get a fan-license agreement to work on the game. Katie talked about some of the pitfalls and issues that can come up when working on something fan-made. For anyone interested in working on a fan-made game and some of the legal discussions, this is definitely one to listen to.

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“The Fight for Fan-Made Games With Phoenix Online Studios”

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