The Design of Platform Games With Voodoo Vince

This week on the cast, Clayton Kauzlaric who created Voodoo Vince joined me to talk about developing the game, platform games and their design and more.


After introductions, we talked about the challenge of preserving video games and what it meant for a game like Voodoo Vince which was built using a customized engine. We then talked about how console cycles are changing with the PS4 Pro and the now announced Xbox One X.

We then moved on to talk about Real Time Strategy games and Clayton’s work on Total Annihilation and what that means for post-release support. After that, we talked about the platform genre and named dropped Bubsy long before they announced it at E3.

The Platform genre is one of the oldest genres and one that has been seen in multiple iterations. We talked about the history and some of the major elements of the design.