A Positive Discussion on the Mobile Market

This week on the Perceptive Podcast, I caught up with a friend of mine Craig Lewin, who currently works at Pocket Gems to talk about his thoughts on the mobile market.

mobile market

We started off catching up, as it has been a few years since we both sat down and talked. We then talked about Pocket Gems and how Craig got started  and what he’s doing now. Talking about the mobile market, Craig talked about his opinions on the mobile market and on the thought that a lot of developers find it exploitative. Craig’s opinion were pretty much the opposite of my chat with Thorsten Rauser from a few months ago.

His talked about his thoughts on how the mobile and casual games markets focus on the business side of game design and some of the preconceptions and points we’ve talked about on the previous casts. This brought up one of my favorite topics: Talking about Art vs. Business in the Game Industry which despite this podcast taking place a few months ago, is pretty timely for my recent post on the topic.

We also talked more about the state of the mobile market, attracting consumers, pricing and so on.