Present Day Pinball with Farsight Studios

This week on the podcast, Mike Lindsey from Farsight Studios joined me to catch up about what’s been going with the Pinball Arcade, as well as the modern state of the Pinball Industry.

farsight studios

We started off with catching up with recent news regarding The Pinball Arcade and how their previous kickstarter was a success for the Doctor Who table. I also Mike about his thoughts on what made classic tables so famous and highly regarded. After that, we talked a bit about how pinball is going in today’s market without the aid of the Arcade industry. That also included talking about how it’s different now compared to the classic tables of the 70’s and 80’s. Mike talked about how the industry is still going today thanks to companies like Stern Pinball.

Talking more about pinball design, we shared our love of the genre and how there is complexity to playing pinball that you may not know about if you only have a beginner’s knowledge of it.

Mike briefly talked about Farsight’s collaboration with Stern and slightly hinted at what that could mean for the future of The Pinball Arcade.

For our final topic, I brought up one of the criticisms of the Pinball Arcade which is pricing, and how it is on the more expensive side of DLC compared to other games. We also talked a little bit about how the Pinball Arcade works and I asked Mike about any new pinball table requests that Farsight has been having lately.

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