Perceptive Podcast: Rage Squid and Action Henk

This week on the cast, I sat down with Roel Ezendam ( who I’m afraid I mispronounced his name several times) from Rage Squid to discuss his studio and the work that is going on with their game Action Henk.

Action Henk

We started off with introductions and how the studio began developing Action Henk along with the physics model that was instrumental for the game to work. With Action Henk, this is Rage Squid’s first full game and first early access title and I asked Roel about his thoughts on the early access model. This led into a talk about using Steam as a development platform and what are Roel’s thoughts on it.

Another interesting topic was on the use of updates and how to keep people invested in your game through early access. Roel talked about their decision to start with weekly updates which then changed to once a month and why that was better from a development standpoint.