This week on the cast, I welcomed streamer and game designer Robert Swan AKA Rob the Swan to talk about his thoughts on the game industry and what it’s like to be a Twitch Streamer today.

Game Wisdom Podcast Promo 560x200 The Life of a Twitch Streamer with Rob The Swan

We started off with Rob’s background in the industry and how he transitioned from working at a major studio to becoming a Twitch Streamer.

After that, we talked about a variety of topics regarding game design and being a developer. There are a lot of ways for designers to make mistakes when developing their game, and we talked about some of the most prominent ones.

We talked more about Twitch and how it has helped Rob with developing his game and what it means to be a daily streamer and the work that goes into it. That led into talking about what Twitch and streaming means for consuming information and taking the place of TV. Make sure to listen to the end, as Rob may win the award for best final thought on a Perceptive Podcast. While we didn’t get to talking about his game in too much detail, we certainly talked about it on a live interview that is linked below.

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“The Life of a Twitch Streamer with Rob The Swan”

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