Talking Shop With Space Game Junkie

This week on the cast, returning guest and owner of Space Game Junkie Brian Rubin stopped by to talk about games, Star Citizen and we got to share some war stories of running ever-growing game sites.

Space Game Junkie

It’s been awhile since we had a low key cast, but Brian and I spent the time talking about as many game-related tangents we could think of: From Star Citizen and the space genre, to the challenges of being an Indie developer and early access, and even getting on the subject of the ravages of age. We did talk about some games we were playing as I brought up Duskers and SPAZ 2 and Brian talked about the game Iron Sky Invasion and Elite Dangerous. We also talked about some of the different games that attract or push us away, including our mutual dislike of the visual novel genre.

Make sure to listen to our very special moment, when we both confronted the enormity of our Steam and GOG addictions. Will it stop us from buying more games? Probably not, but at least we know we have a problem.

We did manage to get on topic at least once talking about the debate of long-term game design and what it means for games like Payday 2 and Star Citizen. This also brought up the topic of Stellaris and Paradox Software’s method of long-term and DLC-focused design with their games.

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