The Art of Creating Meaningful Stories at Failbetter Games

This week on the cast, I spoke with writer Cash DeCuir about his work on Sunless Sea and the process of creating memorable stories at Failbetter Games.


We started with Cash’s role at Failbetter. We talked about sort of the process of creating one of their stories for their titles and the work that goes into it. We touched on the upcoming kickstarter for Sunless Skies, but this was done in early October and there wasn’t a lot of information at that time.  We also talked about the Zubmariner expansion and what it will add to Sunless Sea both from a gameplay and storytelling perspective.

For our main topic of the cast, we talked about the challenge of creating memorable stories in videogames. We talked about our favorite stories and how cliche tropes don’t work that well.

We talked about the philosophy of writing stories around evil characters and the challenge of getting someone to get involved with something so dark. The whole cast was very informative about the writing process and storytelling and I’m sure we’re going to talk more with Failbetter in the future.

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