From Long Wars to Terra Invicta with Pavonis Interactive

For this week’s cast, I sat down with the lead designer of Pavonis Interactive John Lumpkin to discuss how wanting to make XCOM better lead to the Long War mod, his company: Pavonis Interactive, and the future with Terra Invicta.

Terra Invicta

We started off with talking about how the long war came together and a discussion about modding and programming. John discussed the challenge of modding XCOM and what made it so difficult compared to other games. Going further, we talked about the design of Long War and the design the team wanted to accomplish with the mod. We also talked about what it was like collaborating with Firaxis for the Long War mod in XCOM 2.

For the final part of our cast, John talked about the early foundation for his studio’s first original game: Terra Invicta.