The MADE Reopening and Preserving Video Games

This week on the cast, I got to talk to the director and founder of the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment or the MADE: Alex Handy, about the museum and preserving video games to be enjoyed and studied.

The Made

We started off talking about how the MADE was created and Alex’s work with the first iteration of the MADE. Alex also mentioned the kinds of content and features of the MADE, including the vast copies of consoles, games and archived strategy guides. Besides talking about the importance of preserving classic games, we talked about how old school design is such a different beast compared to modern games, and why people still love it.

As an interesting tangent, I asked Alex about how he maintains and keeps all these classic games and consoles going; leading to talking about some of the challenges there. Since the MADE was helped funded by Kickstarter, I asked Alex about how they approached the Kickstarter campaign before Doublefine blew things up. I wanted to talk to Alex more about the importance of game preservation, but we ran out of time. Hopefully, I can have Alex back on in the future to continue our talk.

There was some background noise that I couldn’t get rid of, without degrading the sound quality. I figured some fuzz would be the lesser of two evils compared to that audio whine that sometimes happens. As always, if you enjoyed the cast, please consider donating to the Patreon Campaign to help keep things going.