Zachtronics and the Secret to Early Access

This week on the cast, Zach Barth of Zachtronics returned to the cast to catch up about their latest game ShenZhen I/O, and what he’s figured out about Early Access.


We began with catching up with what’s been going on with Zach since we last spoke over a year ago. Zach talked about the development of ShenZhen I/O and essentially creating programming puzzles. ShenZhen also has the additional design of a physical manual which is odd in today’s age, and Zach talked about coming up with the design and implementation of it.

After that, we turned our attention towards Early Access and how Zach has come around on the concept with his last few games. We talked about “the secret” to his success on the platform and tips for developers who might want to use it along the same lines.

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