Moving along, we turn to a genre that I was never a fan of, and it would take a pair of ARPG designers and their first game at their new studio to wow me.

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#8 Rebel Galaxy:

Rebel Galaxy by Double Damage Games is another example of the strengths that developers can bring when they take on a genre for the first time. Rebel Galaxy combined elements of open-world, Space games and ARPGs into one experience.

The biggest compliment I can give them is that they managed to streamline a lot of the complexities and quirks of the space genre, into a game that works for fans of multiple skill levels. Turning combat into a pseudo naval system was a smart choice, allowing them to create a system that is completely their own and still managed to capture the essence of the genre.

Speaking to Double Damage on the cast, it was interesting to learn how they took their design philosophies and structure from the ARPG genre to fit it onto the open space; creating a game that someone like me could get into. As I said in my review, Rebel Galaxy isn’t the best ARPG or the best open space game, but it has enough aspects of both designs to create a unique experience.

If anything hurt Rebel Galaxy for me, it was that I wanted more to do in the universe. With the success of their first title for the studio, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next from Rebel Galaxy, even if they may still be fatigued with ARPGs.

Up next, #7 is a take on the Bullfrog style of management Sims and delivers a healthy dose of creative design.

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