For game sites I am available for game reviews and previews. Years of writing critically about game design allows me to adapt my writing and review style to match any site with ease. I’m working on offering a collection of my older podcasts to be available in physical form and sell it through Game-Wisdom. If you would like more details on it, or to put in an order, please email me.

I can also write critical pieces about the industry or design for your site. I have examined a multitude of genres and platforms over the years and can talk about a variety of topics relating to game design or the industry. Pricing for articles is negotiable based on the content requested and the scope of the piece.

I going to begin offering game design consultant services as well. This will include examining design documents, fielding questions on design to help finalize the idea, and more. Please watch the video for more details and you can read the guide that breaks things down for more info.

I also do transcribing in my spare time and have gotten very good and fast, accurate transcriptions for anyone in need. I can edit documents, papers etc, for any spelling, grammar and style issues.

I’m available for public speaking and have developed presentations on a variety of game design and industry topics. You can look at my current offerings and pricing on my presentation guide.

If you would like to get in touch regarding any of the business matters on this page or would like your game reviewed or previewed on Game-Wisdom, you can reach me directly at

Regarding submitting games, please watch this guideline video that goes over the basic rules: