Kickstarter Alert: Planetary Annihilation

Role-playing survival game is willing to take risks

Fans of large scale RTS games like yours truly, have been neglected somewhat with the rise of micro heavy strategy titles. But a recent kickstarter is trying to change that around with Planetary Annihilation. From Uber Entertainment: the makers of Monday Night Combat and a team that has worked on titles like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander.

They want to create one of the largest scale RTS games I’ve seen yet: allowing players to fight on planets, moons and asteroids, all on the same huge map. Their kickstarter has about 2 days left and they have already got enough to fund the game and are now looking to complete some stretch goals. The one that has everyone excited is their latest: to add a Meta game “take over a galaxy” mode for both single and multiplayer.

As of right now they need less then 200k for this and they still have one unannounced stretch goal. If you haven’t heard of this yet and like titles such as Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander, definitely check out their kickstarter page as time is growing short.

Josh Bycer