Kickstarter Alert: War For the Overworld

As you know, we here at Game-Wisdom have been talking about Project Godus from 22cans for the last few weeks. ¬†One of the reasons why I’m interested was the chance to play a new game from the God Game genre. As it turns out there is another kickstarter going on right now with another forgotten game system: Being the bad guy.

war for the overworld

When it comes to being the bad guy, the series that has embodied it the best over the years would be Dungeon Keeper. One part God Game, and one part management, the series tasked the player with creating and ruling a dungeon to stop would be heroes from making off with your treasure.

Besides constructing your dungeon, there was also the matter of supporting your minions with food, gold and training. Like other management type games at the time such as Theme Hospital, each level had a goal for the player, but they were free to design their dungeons how they wanted them.

The challenge of constructing dungeons and the thrill of being the bad guy was a joy for the fans of the genre. ¬†Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of games made in the same style as Dungeon Keeper. The most recent one would be the flawed gem: Evil Genius.

And apparently the team at Subterranean Games agrees about the lack of titles and why they want to make War for the Overworld.

The team is definitely motivated for the project and has already set up a short demo that you can try out on their site. What’s going to be interesting is that they have set a date that they will release the base game by: August 30th, and then continue working on the flex goals voted by the backers.

The team has been updating the kickstarter constantly along with the demo. With the recent success of Project Godus among other classic genre revivals on kick starter, it would be a shame to miss out another underutilized genre.