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Taito has been going back through its back catalog of classic games to bring back to modern audiences, and the next entry on the list is the Ninja Saviors Return of the Warriors. While the package itself isn’t anything too fancy, it does give us a chance to talk about a different kind of beat-em-up experience.

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This week’s Dissecting Design looks at the beat-em-up genre: One of the oldest genres in the game industry one that is very easy to mess up on in terms of design. I took a look at Streets of Rage 2; considered by many to be one of the best examples of beat-em-up games to talk about what it did right, and the legacy of the genre.

One correction — In terms of elevating the beat-em-up genre, there was Castle Crashers and the Scott Pilgrim vs the World titles.

  • 0:00: Intro
  • 2:09 — Basic Gameplay
  • 9:05 — Metrics Driven Game Design
  • 13:18 — Issues with Difficulty and Design
  • 22:38 — Streets of Rage 3 and Outro
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