This week’s podcast Kenneth and I talk about our recent guest post from Chris Beatrice on city building design, the recent Humble Bundle controversy, Torchlight 2 vs. Diablo 3 and much more. We’ve also learn the lesson of not recording at 1 AM the hard way, so please excuse us for both sounding tired.

As always here are links to some of the topics discussed:

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city builder games

In a recent developer diary entry, later followed by an interview, I discussed the concept of “walkers” in city-building games, and how Tilted Mill’s forthcoming game, Medieval Mayor, would use walker-based systems. To some this was welcome news… to others, cause for concern. Later, in an email conversation with Josh Bycer, I found myself expounding, on this complicated and perhaps misunderstood area of city-building game design.  How could such a seemingly narrow subject be the source of such heated debate?

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