For this cast I spoke with the designer behind King of Dragon Pass and Six Ages David Dunham from A-Sharp. We talked about the company’s history with developing King of Dragon Pass, how the game became a cult hit, and the design of its emergent storytelling.

We then talked about Six Ages and taking the KODP formula and iterating on it.

  • You can find the game currently on IOS with plans for PC and Android releases down the line.
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star control 2

In the past I’ve talked about my views on preserving game design and the importance of backward compatibility.  Video games like any platform have projects that stand the test of time, much in the same way a piece of art or classic movie can.

But while there are plenty of great games (as evident by the success of Good Old Games,) the game industry at this point doesn’t have those timeless works and the reason is due to the limitations of the medium.

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