For today’s Industry Insight, I discussed my thoughts on the recent news that Zen is partnering with Williams and Balley going forward with the Pinball FX 3 platform.

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This week, Ken and I talked with Bobby King from Farsight Studios: The lead designer for The Pinball Arcade and VP of product development.

We discussed the challenges of developing The Pinball Arcade — from physics, to the licensing and the recent T2 Kickstarter. We also talked about the future of The Pinball Arcade and what Farsight has in store for fans and the coming Steam version.

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Pinball in its many forms is one of the oldest games still being played despite the downward turn of the arcade industry. Like playing classic video games, it can be both difficult and expensive to recapture.

Fortunately, Farsight Studios: Makers of The Pinball Arcade have been restoring and digitizing some of the most popular pinball tables around. With their third kickstarter almost wrapped up for the T2 pinball rights, I wanted to talk with them about the work that goes into The Pinball Arcade.

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