This week’s Dissecting Design takes me back to one of my favorite games of the last decade. Hinterland is a perfect example of a diamond in the rough; with a brilliant core gameplay loop marred by the limited scope of the design.

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In a recent developer diary entry, later followed by an interview, I discussed the concept of “walkers” in city-building games, and how Tilted Mill’s forthcoming game, Medieval Mayor, would use walker-based systems. To some this was welcome news… to others, cause for concern. Later, in an email conversation with Josh Bycer, I found myself expounding, on this complicated and perhaps misunderstood area of city-building game design.  How could such a seemingly narrow subject be the source of such heated debate?

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Hinterland is one of those games that I keep harping on in blog posts, as it was the closest to being one of my favorite games of all time. Sadly, Hinterland came out at the wrong time both from the developer’s standpoint and the industry. Read more…

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