The Best Games You Can Play With a Friend

With the right games, it can help in bringing together friends and families in a positive way. Younger kids can show their collaboration while playing Minecraft and Roblox, while teenagers can renew their connection by playing games such as Fortnite. On the other hand, adults can play online word games to sharpen their brains or let themselves get lost while playing hidden object games.

You can even download restricted games with VPN. For instance, if you want to download a gambling app, but it’s restricted in your country, then you can use a VPN so that you can connect to a server in another country. Nevertheless, if you are simply looking to have a friendly competition, you don’t have to play online multiplayer games. You can simply play on your own and send your friends with a screenshot of your score. Then, you can challenge them to beat your score. The following are some of the best games that you can play with your friends.

Best Fiends Stars

This is a puzzle game that lets you match and blast your way through a collection of puzzles. You will be responsible for gathering adorable characters and collaborating with your friends along the way. To make the game more fun, you can challenge your friends to race in gathering fallen treasures and stars before they are entangled with a team of slimy slugs.

Words with Friends 2

As what the name says, words with friends allows you to challenge your friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues to create words out of the given letters. The player who has the highest score will win the game. This is also a good exercise for your brain most especially since its quite challenging to look for words that fit the letter Z. It’s like when you are playing Scrabble, wouldn’t you hate it if you draw this letter?


A family-friendly battle royale game that still continues to grab the attention of millions of users. While some gamers concentrate on winning their next Victory Royale, there are lots of challenges that gamers can enjoy and overcome. Just like Remnant 2, Fortnite keeps on evolving with constant changes to the map. Additionally, the cartoon graphics used in the game is so appealing, not only to the younger ones but also to the adults. Keep in mind that you have to use guns in shooting other players in the game. The good news is Fortnite is free on mobile devices, PS4, Switch, PC, and Xbox One.


Minecraft is known as the ultimate collaboration. Last year, we have seen a comeback of this popular online game and still continues to evolve with every new generation of gamer. In this online game, up to eight friends can play on different computers and construct whatever they want in creative mode. Another option is to join together to determine how long they can keep up in survival mode. The building mechanics in Minecraft can transform children into aspiring construction engineers. Minecraft can be played by gamers of all ages. You can play this game on mobile devices, PS4, Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

Jackbox Games

As more and more people have discovered this well-known trivia game, creations of new accounts have surged. You can play You Don’t Know Jack with your friends and enjoy it. If you don’t know how to play this game, you can find a tutorial online. This game will keep you on your toes as pop culture trivial questions are asked and you need to answer them as fast as possible. The host of the game Cookie Masterson will walk you through the process, while a celebrity might appear occasionally lending you a hand.


To play this game, you have to craft and farm your way through those enchanted lands and determine if there’s a chance that you can reverse the curse. Decurse gives you the chance to connect with your Facebook friends or make new ones in the game. Players can choose to become a member of the clubhouse and work together on special challenges, gain club points, and obtain a spot on the leaderboard and win prizes. You can even exchange objects with your friends to assist you on your journey. You can play Decurse on Amazon, Google Play and iOS.