The Best Maps From the Call of Duty Franchise

There’s no doubt opinions on Call of Duty are often split. At worst it feels like a random event, a bunch of people just running around, killing each other with little skill. At best, it is a pulsating esport, played by millions around the globe.

The argument for the latter, no matter what your experiences are, is compelling. It averages around 83,000 concurrent players on Steam as of February 2024, down from a high of 225,000 in November 2022. It isn’t just people playing the game that adds to its popularity either – it is a thriving esport with multiple big names earning more than $1 million from participating, including aBeZy, Simp, and Clayster. Millions of watch hours are accrued with every tournament they’re in, including the revered Call of Duty League (CDL). The recent Stage 1 Major of the CDL season attracted 245,000 people to watch online.

What is it that makes Call of Duty so popular? One element is its maps, which are often designed to incredible details, setting up points where gamers can come together for classic battles. Ever since Call of Duty: Finest Hour introduced multiplayer, the developers have been coming up with maps that might just make the frantic sessions a little more interesting. The map design has advanced to a stage where this Call of Duty betting guide reveals gamers can even vote on which ones they enjoy most in Call of Duty MW3, meaning they only play their favorites. But, which are the favorites, not just in the most recent game, but of all time?

Would you vote to be able to play one of these classics again?

Crash (Modern Warfare)

Crash debuted in Modern Warfare, and while it’s one of the smaller maps in the series, it is one of the best. There’s an argument that its size pushes players together and creates the frantic firefighting that some get put off by, but Crash was different. It funneled players into three major choke points and even afforded sniper rifle fans the chance to practice their art. Even though it is a classic, it is still rated as one of the best maps the franchise has ever created. Sadly, attempts to recreate Crash in newer games failed to capture the essence correctly, overpowering certain spots. If you really want to experience Crash in its full glory, you’re going to have to go back a long way in Call of Duty history.

Favella (Modern Warfare 2)

Many Call of Duty maps take inspiration from real places, but few capture the claustrophobic nature of their inspiration like Favella. It feels properly lived in, with small details littering the map that help to create something that feels living, breathing, and all too real. It’s also quite bright and colorful, and while it is dangerous to play, it’s good to look at; level design isn’t always entirely about gameplay. Mind you, it isn’t just the visual design that makes this map a winner; it’s multi-tiered, so while it encourages close combat (watch out for those shotguns) there’s also a vertical threat to be aware of. It’s as dangerous as it gets, and it’s a map to test those retro gaming skills.

Hotel Royal (Vanguard)


While the classic maps have people’s hearts yearning for the simpler gaming of yesteryear, some ambitious new maps tick all the right boxes. One is Hotel Royal from Vanguard, a detailed replication of a Parisian hotel that players could just walk around and look at and still be entertained. The attention to deal is beyond compare, but how does it play? It’s a close-quarters threat for sure, with a kitchen and lounge and plenty of twists and turns in the building. There is scope for battle outside in the cool French evening air, and snipers will enjoy stealing the best rooftops and ledges to pick off their prey.