Best Racing-Themed Video Games to Play in 2022

There is nothing more exciting than experiencing the thrills behind racing in a video game. Since most racing sports like Formula 1, or even horse racing require a lot of money in order to experience the real action, turning to video games is the best way to get a feeling of what is like to be in a race.

When it comes to racing, there are many different categories. From vehicle racing such as rallies to non-vehicle racing such as horse racing.

In today’s article, we decided to highlight some of the best racing-themed video games that are perfect for all people that want to experience an adrenaline rush while playing games.

Here are some of the best you should try.


The first release of this game turned out amazing simply because it began as an Android and iOS sport, and after a top in popularity, the developers (PikPok) determined to remodel the sport to fit console and PC gamers.

One of the most important promoting points for PharLap is the portraits. The 3D visuals are particularly practical, cinematic, and very realistic.

Additionally, PharLap includes lots extra than horse racing. It comes with the whole package of starting your own stable, educating horses, and attending horse races. 

You also can breed horses and promote them to different competitors to make them become one of the top 10 most expensive horses of all time.

On top of that, you can additionally race with other players in real-time PvP races and win factors to upgrade your horse and climb up the ranks.

F1 2022

If you are a true petrol-head, then getting into ultimate racing should be your first choice. F1 is the most prestige’s car racing on the planet, and it is similar to horse racing since both sports are very glamorous and involve a lot of money.

The latest F1 game is a true masterpiece and will sit you behind the wheel of an F1 car and allow you to experience the thrills while driving 200mph.

The F1 series has been a big hit for racing lovers considering the fact that its preliminary launch in 2000. F1 2022 is attracting a good deal of attention and is a racing simulation based on Formula 1.

F1 2022 is returned, with transformed physics, AI, and new tweaks to the gameplay. The publishers have additionally introduced Grand Prix simulation to the sport. The game offers many options for the player from creating their own car setup, to deciding when to go for a pit stop or change strategies.

Keep in thoughts that the F1 2022 is the primary recreation within the technology of the latest F1 rules. On the downside, there’s no Braking factor single-player story, and it takes a variety of trial and error to get the full simulation settings that were brought.

They’ve brought VR support with F1 2022, so you can zoom approximately as in case you’re there. Only time will inform if this VR mode is all it’s snuffed up to be.

MX vs ATV Legends

We also have something for motorcycle fans, and for people that want to race on two wheels.

The MX vs ATV franchise has thrived inside the racing network because of its excessive-pace races and extensive variety of motorcycles and quads for players to select from. The MX vs ATV: Legends is right for excessive sports activities fans and establishes itself as the fine game for excessive racing movement.

The sport permits you to race on a 2-participant split-screen with as many as 16 players within the squad-primarily based gameplay. You can customize your rider and vehicles, and the publishers have designed the journey berms and ruts with better precision. There is likewise a brand new career mode and Trails mode to enjoy excessive-depth outside racing.

Winning Post 8

There is something about horse racing that is very exciting, especially if you get a first-person view of the action. 

Since the horse racing style isn’t very big within the gaming space, it is difficult to discover a correct triple-A sport that entails impressive graphics and unique gameplay. However, sometimes we get a jewel of a sport like Winning Post 8 posted with the aid of Koei Tecmo which could satisfy the desires of each horse racing fanatic.

This is a quick-paced horse racing game launched back in 2018 and comes with quite a number of horses you can select from, specific tracks, and practical snapshots. Since betting is a huge part of horse racing, the publishers determined to include a realistic bet device.

It is one of the exceptional horse racing games which can be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo Switch.