Funny Bingo Rewards

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With Bingo being more popular than ever, people are looking for more ways to increase the fun they can have whilst playing this great game. They can play Bingo at Barbados Bingo with their friends, alter the locations in which they play, and have a drink whilst they play (which for some people does tend to make everything funnier!) But what are some of the best, weirdest and funniest rewards to ever have been recorded whilst playing Bingo? You won’t believe your eyes when you see some of these…we didn’t! 

Cash Cow

One of the best stories of a funny Bingo reward occurred in America, at a charity Bingo game. A well dressed, young lady visiting from New York was the winner of the said prize. Other people had within this Bingo game had won mobile phones, TVs and kitchen gadgets, so her prize was not what she was expecting. She was called up on stage to receive her first place reward only to find that she had won a…COW! As red and giggly about her prize as she was, she accepted it gracefully, but no one knows whether the dairy cow ever made a new home for itself in the Big Apple or not. 

Rampant Rewards

Just over a decade ago, a new Bingo site was launched which offered fun and exciting new variations of Bingo games along with the chance to win some great prizes at the same time. There was the added excitement of being able to see the callers live on your screen as you played, players were able to vote for the caller they thought had the sexiest voice and the stereotypical nicknames for ball numbers were altered to something a little more…adult.  The site we are talking about was called and it was an instant hit with a very specific demographic. But it was the prizes and rewards that really got people talking because they were so “out there!” Never before had lingerie, butt plugs and vibrators been given out to members of the public as rewards for playing Bingo and let’s hope there are no sites doing it now! 

Random Rewards gave players the chance to play Bingo for free but still be in with a chance of winning great prizes. This was a great draw for players across the UK who just wanted a bit of a flutter without having to credit an account with any of their own cash. There were some really general prizes available such as DVDs, vouchers, sweets or chocolates, but this site also got very into sending out random branded rewards to its winners of particular Bingo games. These entailed anything from pens to t-shirts, stress balls to mugs, and they all had random branding on them. But the main monthly prize was what every player was trying to get their hands on and these were more aimed at an experience. The favorite of which was a picnic bundle. 

Bingo Prizes

The usual rewards when playing Bingo are most often money based and depend on whether one full line, two full lines or house has been called. These are not the only ways in which money can be won though, and depending on where you are playing Bingo, depends on how many different opportunities you have to be able to win. Though some games offer small financial advantages, others offer the opportunities for players to win big. These can be six and seven-figure prize draws which is a huge amount of cash for anyone to win. It can be life-changing and have a huge impact on how someone lives for the rest of their life. 

Alternative Rewards

On some Bingo sites there are opportunities to be in with a chance of winning alternatives to monetary value prizes. These can be won by completing Bingo based challenges, playing in specific Bingo rooms, earning tickets to gain limited access to certain rooms to pay Bingo, playing on specific days, winning games to open up Rewards Chests, and so much more. There are endless ways in which you can find prizes to win, if you are wanting to look for rewards as opposed to money as a way of increasing the fun you get from playing Bingo online.

Free Spins and Slot Games

One of the most popular rewards and most useful rewards that you can get your hands on when playing Bingo online, is a specific number of free spins. Depending on what level of prize you win will alter the number of free spins you are entitled to. There is usually a list of the slot games you can use your free spins on and you can look through the selection of these slot games to see which one you would like to use your free spins on the most. Not only is this a fun way to trial a different style of online game, but it could also open the doors up to you to help you to find new slot games you like to play.

Slot games, just like Bingo, do not require any form of skill for you to be in with a chance of winning, but being offered free spins as a reward is a double whammy of excitement. You’ve got the initial excitement of watching, waiting and hoping that you are able to win on the Bingo game online so that you can then get your hands on some free spins. Once the free spins are yours, you can then use these to enjoy playing a slot game and win yourself a potentially big cash return. This is only an option when you are playing Bingo online but it is well worth knowing about. 

Bonkers Bingo

With Bingo being played all over the world, there are prizes and rewards being used in many different ways. Some of them you would expect to see such as free spins, vouchers and days out for family and friends, but some are less obvious choices, like winning a cow or a vibrator from being successful at playing Bingo. Wherever you choose to play Bingo, perhaps we should all be more careful and check what the prizes are before we start playing!