Major game releases of 2022

Personal computers are the most popular gaming platform. Therefore, a huge number of games are developed for them every year, many of which quickly become popular among users.

We will tell you about what new items await PC gaming fans in this article. After you have tried all the games from our list, you can visit the platform PlayAmo casino – here you will find even more games and games for every taste.

Company of Heroes 3

Despite the fact that Company of Heroes is considered one of the best real-time strategy games, its creators are in no hurry to replicate the success. The first part was released in 2006, and the second (it is still the last one) – in 2013. And Company of Heroes 3 should be a real step forward: players are waiting for realistic battles in Italy and North Africa with large-scale destructibility and tactical pause, allowing them to assess the situation and make an informed decision. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s already in early testing.

Dune Spice Wars

Another real-time strategy is being created based on the iconic universe of Frank Herbert’s Dune, and 4X elements fit well into this setting. We have to lead one of the Houses and join the harsh planet Arrakis in the struggle for control over the most valuable resource of the universe – spice. All means are good along the way, but any decision can have unexpected consequences.


Role-playing action movie Forspoken at the time of the announcement was exclusive to the PlayStation 5, but after a while the publishers recovered: the game will also be released on PC. And this is not the only change: if at first the game amazed with its technical sophistication and unusual setting, then closer to the release, the creators managed to surprise with high prices. However, the beautiful and cruel world, where magic and technology are combined, has already attracted fans of Final Fantasy, and unprecedented freedom of movement and a fantastic arsenal of skills will attract fans of exploration, parkour and spectacular fights.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

The mysterious adventure horror Ghostwire: Tokyo is being created by the authors of The Evil Within, led by Shinji Mikami, and this alone can already serve as an excellent recommendation, even if the ingenious game designer is limited to the role of producer this time. Let’s add an explosive mixture of realism and paranormalism, conspiracy theories and urban legends, the Tokyo setting loved by many and the global mystery of the disappearance of citizens.

Homeworld 3

Fans of the Homeworld series gave the creators of the third part one and a half million dollars: the game became one of the most successful on the crowdfunding service And the creators promised to dedicate their project to all loyal fans, measuring each design decision with the wishes of the audience.

The plot of Homeworld 3 will continue the events of the previous part related to the opening of hyperspace gates. But for the first time, multiplayer modes will appear in the game, where commanders will have to overcome a series of random challenges.